GSRA Staff Participate in Texas Real Estate Business Roundtable on Changes in Industrial Design

Members of GSRA staff were invited to partake in a roundtable about the changes in Industrial Design in today’s market, and we gladly obliged. The discussion was published in the June 2018 Issue of Texas Real Estate Business. Some key developments were discussed including the rise in eCommerce and  growing logistics technology, and how they have created a higher demand for industrial space. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that more than 50,000 industrial jobs have been added to this sector since March 2018.  This growth is now changing the way architects design warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.  When comparing the difference between designing for speculative buildings vs. build-to-suits, GSRA Employee Syed Ahmed provided Texas Real Estate Business with some insightful information as to why built-to-suit industrial projects are generally more cost effective.

“With Speculative projects, the added costs of using a thicker, more reinforced slab drives up the costs on the front end, thereby causing rents to go up. It’s definitely easier with built-to-suits because we have the information up front and can make accommodations while designing the shell of the building.”

You can check out the full article in Volume 14, Issue 4 of the Texas Real Estate Business publication.

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